Marcos Gonzalez
Animation Technical Director at Bron Animation

I was privileged to meet Sujan at Vanarts while I was teaching there. I remember that Sujan was incredibly dedicated to mastering his traditional skills in both animation and illustration. I was always impressed by his relentless drive to improve his assignments and it is that attitude and dedication that certainly set him apart. I very much enjoyed working with Sujan and recommend him.

Paul Johnson

I have known Sujan for 5 years, and have been pleased to watch his progression from student to co-worker. I remain impressed with his enthusiasm and perseverance, not to mention his innate talents in the areas of design and adapting to software. I hope to work with Sujan again one day!

Laz Baarde

I've worked with Sujan in the same company and the same project. At that time, inspite of him being new in the industry, I found him very competent for his job. He could easily follow instructions and from there on could work and finish the job excellently without further instructions and coaching. 
He is full of amazing ideas and perception regarding his job. I would strongly recommend Sujan for any work that he is capable of.

Athena Cho

Sujan held few positions at Bardel Entertainment in different productions. He is skillful to adapt to different production departments, character animation, storyboard revisionist and special effect animation. 

Sujan is pursuing a career he had been trained from VANARTS. I recommend him to any productions for a suitable position to shine his skills.

Stephen Pearce
Digital Concept, Illustration, Animation, texture artist, concept art & lifedrawing teacher. Personal invites preferred.

Greetings H R departments, 

I am writing on behalf of my friend and former student Sujan Chowdhury. 
I had the privileged of meeting Sujan at Vanarts. One of the first orders of business upon meeting the new students is to review student portfolio's. When I first opened Sujan's portfolio I was caught off guard! Here were these beautifully executed drawings that can take the viewer back in time. Sujan has the classic style of the original Disney animators from the 1940's and 50's. I have not met many artists these days with the ability to render sketches and drawings in these classic styles with both pen and ink, ink wash, and pencil. 

I believe this sets Sujan apart from many other artists because his work has a classic look and feel to it. But he is also extremely flexible as an artist. He is in full control of his artistic abilities and is able to change styles at will. The line quality in both pen and pencil is flawless. Add to these skills the skill of visual story telling through storyboards. 

To sum up my observation of Sujan's skill set, he is more than qualified as a character and environment designer, a storyboard artist, an animator, as well as a caricature artist. Yes the classic skill of caricature which is very hard to come by these days. Sujan will make a great addition to your studio's design team. 

P.S.During his tenure with your company, remember to have him do caricatures for the Christmas party. 

Best Regards, 

Stephen Pearce


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